My Story

Wool & Woof

My Story

I grew up in South Devon close to the tannery producing Wool & Woof sheepskins. My family has a long standing links to farming and we were lucky enough to have dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, a pony and a donkey as pets. My father had a few beef cattle each year but never sheep as they were "too hard work".

My birthday was well timed being mid-March, in the midst of the lambing season, and from a young age I had asked for an orphan lamb. Each year I was disappointed.

Aged 13, on a Saturday in March I went with my father to Lower Cator on Dartmoor to see a farmer on business. He asked me if I would like to have a look in the lambing shed. My eyes lit up, there in a corner was a pretty lamb all alone in a pen. She was a pure-bred White Face Dartmoor whose mother had died. We left £10 lighter with LambLamb on my lap in the front of the Landrover. When we got home she was put in the bottom of the aga to keep warm. She lived with our dog and cat in the kitchen for many weeks and then moved out to a stable to live with my pony.

LambLamb lived to the ripe old age of thirteen, and from her I bred a flock of White Face Dartmoor sheep and so my passion for British Rare Breeds grew.

By investing in a sheepskin you are helping British farmers, rare breeds and the wool trade. All three are things I have long been passionate in supporting.