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W&W Herdwick (grey)

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Image of W&W Herdwick (grey) Image of W&W Herdwick (grey) Image of W&W Herdwick (grey) Image of W&W Herdwick (grey) Image of W&W Herdwick (grey)

Stunning, varied grey colouration. These are my best seller.

A rare breed so not so easy to come by. Herdwick sheep are the iconic breed of the British Lake District. Regarded as the most hardy of all British breeds, they roam the high fells for most of the year, naturally hefting themselves to the land. This sense of place removes the need for walls high on the open fells with their instinct keeping them rooted to the place they have always lived.

It is believed that up to 99% of all Herdwick sheep are farmed in the central and western Lake District, with 95% of the breed within 14 miles of Coniston, Cumbria. That's provenance right there.
Many see a beauty in this natural material and want to help see its value increase. The Herdwick flock and their shepherds are custodians of their wild landscape. We want to help them stay that way. Herdwick wool is beautiful, producing a dark grey composite with the lighter guard hairs standing out.

Sizes can vary by 10% Average Length 100cm x Width 70cm. These sheepskins vary considerably from darker to lighter greys. Some can have a distinctive darker grey stripe down the middle, some have an almost subtle icy lavender tone, some a caramel tone, some are more uniform grey.

Please be aware these are a highland rare breed with a less soft and silky wool. The colouration is beautiful but the wool coarser to protect them in extreme conditions. This makes them hardwearing. Some of the wool is softer than others so please ask me about individual softness when selecting the best fit for you.

So please do ask for photos of ones we have in stock.